Plus Zero 1 +01
A Lifestyle Concept by Carina Lau

The illustrious actress Carina Lau has travelled the world meeting talented people, from fashion luminaries, designers and creative directors to artists and photographers, craftsmen and artisans, and in recent years, digital innovators.

“Life is about living, about enjoyment, about a life-style,” says Lau. “I have had the great fortune to meet many creative people who are trend-setters and pioneers in their fields.” The idea of launching her own brand emerged organically. “I am not a designer but my friends encouraged me. They reminded me that I have a passion for living a beautiful life – well, that’s true! With their creative input, I have created my own lifestyle brand, curating quality lifestyle items — from fashion and accessories to home and fragrance — for a young, hip and trendy audience.”

The brand name Plus Zero One has two associations: it stems from Lau’s digitally-minded friends, who think in “zeros” and “ones”, as Lau lovingly jokes. One day, someone drew up a logo featuring “zero”, “one” and a “plus” sign, creating “+01”. Then the magic unfolded: “Don’t you know that my Chinese name is pronounced as ‘Ka Ling’ in Cantonese? That’s a plus and a zero!” said Lau. Thus, Plus Zero One (+01) was born.

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