Amalfi BU1003


Made from matte black metal, this pair of sunglasses is a perfect display of trendy punk style. With cut-out details inspired by image of butterfly wings, the cat eye design is an ample presentation of unique femininity. The temples are decorated with iconic butterfly logo, adding an extravagant touch in a subtle manner. With the colour of mirror lenses varied upon light, this pair of sunglasses will make you a style icon wherever you are.

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The First Collection: Amalfi Butterfly
Inspiration from the Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Butterfly, a range of beautiful sunglasses, is Plus Zero 1’s first collection. It was an idea conceived by Lau during a trip to Italy’s Amalfi Coast. “The coast is so poetic, so beautiful. A butterfly flew by me, almost like in a fable, and I thought, why don’t you fly with me, you beautiful thing. And it did!” Lau recalls.

Lau didn’t share that story until she met a friend whose home was on the Amalfi coast, who explained that butterflies were a sign of blessing in his village. “If the butterfly flew with you,” he said, “then beautiful things will soon happen!”

Touched and inspired, Lau decided that the butterfly would be the hero of her first collection.

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Black metal frame


Mirror gradient lenses


100% UV Protection